With June out of the way, we are officially in the second half 0f 2016. And two questions arise:

  1. Are you halfway to meeting your 2016 goals?
  2. If not, what will you do about it?

Now, I'm not a big goal setter. That doesn't mean I don't have big goals. I just don't rely on the whole “goal setting” exercise.

I often set only one or a few big goals for a year. And they're usually big stretch goals.

For example, this year I set a goal to immerse myself in creating Udemy courses. My big hairy stretch goal was 12 courses in 2016 (one a month).

How many have I made? 0. Zilch. The big fat ZERO.


So has the first half of 2016 been a failure for me?

At first blush, sure. No doubt.

Can I recover? Undoubtedly.

Because I look at 2016 not as half over but as half left.

Now, will I be able to create 12 courses in 6 months, when I haven't created any in 6?

Probably not. But I can. There is no limit to my productivity. And I can re-set my goal to 6 in the last 6 months (still one a month). I know, I'm rationalizing. So be it.

So what's up? Why haven't I even started on my one big goal?

I can't explain it, really. Lots going on. Busy being busy is most of it. I don't really like this feeling. I've had a lot of false starts this year:

  • A podcast with a partner that hasn't gotten off the ground
  • Lots of personal, familial stuff has gotten in the way
  • Trouble determining a direction for my business going forward

In a sense, I'm stuck in “analysis paralysis.” But here's the deal:

  • I could tuck my tail between my legs and scurry off into a corner
  • Or I could buck up, regroup, and settle on a new course

You KNOW which one I'm taking.

Which one are you taking?


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