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Guest post: Boni Satani is a contributor to The Best VPN, which offers helpful online security advice and tips to bloggers, entrepreneurs, and the public.

According to cybersecurity firm Symantec, millions of Americans access personal emails, social media accounts and online banking on Public Wi-Fi networks. They are unaware that they are vulnerable to password hacks and credit card robbery.

Risk Based Security reports indicate that there were 4,000+ security breaches in 2016 that led to 4.2 billion stolen personal records including personal emails, passwords, and the like.

To safeguard oneself when using Public Wi-Fi, there are some tricks to thwart hacking attempts on any of your systems. Implement these security strategies and rest assured, your devices will become impenetrable fortresses. So every time you decide to click “connect” on an open Wi-Fi network, pay heed to the rules mentioned in the following infographic:

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